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M&H Company is specialized in trade of commodities
and basic materials for industries


M&H vision is to be a trusted global facilitator of trade, connecting businesses across borders and driving economic growth through seamless and efficient international transactions.


Our mission is to provide comprehensive and customized trade solutions, leveraging our expertise and network to deliver exceptional value to our clients.


• Increase trade volume.
• Improving customer satisfaction.
• Managing risk.
• Enhancing operational efficiency.

Why M&H?

• Understanding of different markets, regulations, and cultural points.
• Offer market research, sourcing, logistics, customs clearance, financial services, and post-sales support.
• Connect customers with reliable trading partners worldwide.
• Commitment to transparent operations, clear communication, and fair business practices.

About Us

M&H Company is an internationally active trading company that specializes in the import and export of commodities from various industries.

M&H Company establish longer and closer working relationships with their clients and suppliers not only provide immediate and reliable services but to continually exceed expectations and goals.

M&H Company create commercial flows, import and export products, arranging and managing international projects with our clients. Our numerous competencies allow us to respond to the needs of industries looking for a new market. We will look forward to welcoming you to our company and work to develop and enhance your current business.

M&H Company maintains a trusting relationship with its customers and suppliers and strives for a long-term cooperation on an equal footing.

M&H Company has its headquarters in Austria and has a branch in Middle East.

Our Services

Creation of Commercial Networks

M&H helps their clients create commercial networks by leveraging our extensive network of contacts and relationships with suppliers and buyers around the world. We provide guidance on how to build and maintain successful business relationships, negotiate favorable terms, and manage risk too.

Business Development

M&H supports their clients in the process of identifying and pursuing new business opportunities. We help clients develop strategies for expanding their customer base, entering new markets, and diversifying their product offerings.


M&H assists clients in the process of internationalization by providing guidance on how to enter new markets, navigate cultural differences, and comply with regulatory requirements. We help clients develop market entry strategies and will provide support throughout the process.

Marketing Plan

M&H helps their clients develop effective marketing plans that are tailored to their specific needs and target markets. We provide guidance on how to conduct market research, develop marketing strategies, and execute marketing campaigns.

Market Analysis

M&H as a market analyzer gives client an overview of all the elements that affect product specific market. We help assess the attractiveness, uncover opportunities, develop strategies to overcome obstacles and edge out the competition. M&H not only ability to planning business plans or marketing plans but also do as part of activities for launching new products or services, diversifying into new industries, or revamping client current business strategy.

Strategy and Business Planning

M&H provides strategic planning services to help clients develop long-term business plans that align with their goals and objectives. We help clients identify growth opportunities, assess market trends and competitive landscapes, and develop strategies for achieving their business goals.

M&H Managers

Majid Heykal

Chief Executive Officer

Mazda Erfani

Middle East Zone Manager

Gotthard Steiner

Europe Zone Manager

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Oil, Gas, Petrochemical

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    • Brokering the sale of some products of petrochemical and oil products.
    • Order directly and without intermediaries of petrochemical and oil products from main supplier with the aim of delivery to global markets.
    • Facilitation in logistic services (shipping, storages tanks, etc.) in Origin and destination.
    • Facilitating the import and export of oil, gas and petrochemicals products.
    • Providing logistics and transportation services for oil and gas equipment and materials.
    • Assisting in the procurement of specialized machinery and equipment used in the industry.
    • Supporting the establishment of partnerships and collaborations between companies in the oil, gas, and petrochemical sectors.

Renewable Energy

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    • Facilitating the trade of renewable energy products such as solar panels, wind turbines, and energy storage systems.
    • Assisting in the sourcing and supply of raw materials for renewable energy projects.
    • Supporting the development of renewable energy infrastructure, including project management and procurement services.
    • Facilitating partnerships and collaborations in the renewable energy sector.

Mining Industry

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    • Assisting in the import and export of mining equipment, machinery, and minerals.
    • Facilitating the sourcing of raw materials for mining operations.
    • Providing logistics and transportation services for mining companies.
    • Supporting the establishment of partnerships and joint ventures in the mining sector.

Food and Agriculture

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    • Facilitating the export and import of agricultural products, including fruits, vegetables, grains, and processed foods.
    • Assisting in the sourcing of agricultural machinery, equipment, and inputs.
    • Providing market research and analysis for food and agriculture products in different regions.
    • Supporting the establishment of distribution networks and supply chains for food and agricultural products.

Construction Material

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    • Facilitating the import and export of construction materials, including steel, cement, and building components.
    • Assisting in the sourcing of construction machinery, equipment, and tools.
    • Providing project management and procurement services for construction projects.
    • Supporting the establishment of partnerships and collaborations in the construction industry.